Easier Appointments, Better Care

Our new forms make it easier and safer to request appointments online with the Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. John Atwater.  Please fill out this form in its entirety, and one of our schedulers will be in touch shortly to schedule/confirm your appointment.

Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday 9am – 3pm, Tuesday/Thursday 9am – 6pm, and Friday 9am – 2pm

This page is under construction.  Please contact the office at 772-213-9809 during regular business hours to schedule a New Patient or Follow Up appointment.  Thank you for your patience.


If you are experiencing a medical emergency, such as an accident injury, please call 911 immediately. Emergency dispatchers and medical personnel will be able to assist you with immediate care.

Emergency orthopedic doctors are trained to handle urgent care issues effectively. They will refer you to a local orthopedic surgeon once you are well enough to leave the facility.

Once the emergency room doctor has cleared you, please  contact us to request an appointment with our clinic. Our orthopedic doctor and specialists will schedule an appointment during regular office hours.

Recurring patients will be asked about the emergency hospitalization, and we’ll update their medical records.

Patients can schedule an appointment online using our web form, or they can call our offices.

First-time patients will be processed through our new patient system where we’ll ask you questions about your medical history. Visit our appointment resources page to find the appropriate new patient forms.

Referring Patients

At OSA, we’re happy to take patient referrals. Please fill out our online form with patient and provider information or contact our office to speak directly with a scheduler.

After-Hours Care

If patients need to reach our staff outside of normal business hours, we will be able to accommodate your requests. You can also leave a voicemail, and we’ll service your request as soon as possible.

Our Livechat administrator is available to answer any non-emergent orthopedic care questions during normal clinic hours.

Outside of an immediate emergency, in this case dial 911, we can schedule an appointment for you as promptly as possible. Additional members of our interdisciplinary staff are on hand to answer any questions or help with care.

Call our office to speak with a staff member and schedule your specialty appointment.

Prescription & Refills

Patients that need prescription refills can give us a call to fulfill their order. Typically, we take prescription requests and refills during normal business hours. These requests do not require you to request an appointment.