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In a split second, an accident, injury, or disease can shift your world to the unexpected. Bone, muscle, and joint injuries demand attention. Dr. John Atwater at our Vero Beach clinic provides safe, effective, tailored treatment plans that fit your needs. The right orthopedic doctor can help you get back to yourself. Let’s get started!

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Dr. John Atwater Mission for OSA

The OSA – Vero Beach mission is to provide compassionate orthopedic surgical care to clients, while effectively coordinating with referring providers and/or personal injury attorneys to help each client reach maximum medical improvement with a safe and effective treatment plan tailored to his or her needs and preferences.


Why it Matters to Dr. John Atwater

Health literacy is a person’s ability to obtain, process, and understand health information and services so he or she can make the appropriate medical decisions. Currently, only 12% of adults have proficient health literacy, and 36% have below basic health literacy. Patients who are unable to understand their condition and manage it properly experience more anxiety, heightened fear, and low confidence in their ability to manage their pain.

The pain population needs restorative healthcare that will improve quality of life. At OSA, your specialized orthopedic doctor, Dr. John Atwater, and his team of surgical specialists and physical therapists are committed to treating and educating you with tailored care plans and easy access to health information through our website and video library.

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The Impact On You

According to a 2006 survey by the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM), 59% of chronic pain patients reported a decline in their overall enjoyment of life, with more than 77% of patients experiencing depression. About 70% of patients had difficulty concentrating, 74% had decreased energy levels, and 86% had sleep disturbances. Furthermore, the risk of comorbid conditions such as opioid abuse, anxiety, heart disease, and obesity is significantly higher in pain patients than those without pain. Your orthopedic doctor at OSA will be your partner in health to help you avoid some of these problems.

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The Impact On Society

Bone, joint, and muscle pain is one of the most common causes of disability. More than 130 million Americans have a painful disorder of the muscles, bones, or joints. Pain is a significant public health and safety concern for Americans regarding cost, quality of life, productivity, and mobility. In 2011, the annual cost of treatment and lost wages was approximately $213 billion.

More than 300 peer-reviewed studies show that higher health literacy and patient engagement are the keys to improved health outcomes.

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