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Accidents and Traumatic Injuries

Dr. Atwater and his team are orthopedic injury specialists who are well-equipped and stand ready to help if you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, car, boating, work, or pedestrian accident. While we generally recommend you seek medical attention immediately following an accident, we understand that’s not always an option.

We’re glad to see you at any point in your recovery process.

Sometimes, it can take days or weeks for accident symptoms to show up. There are more than 100,000 non-fatal injuries reported in Florida every year, and thousands of more that go unreported. Even if it’s been a decade since your accident, if there’s still lingering pain from that injury, we can help.

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Your Orthopedic Injury Specialists

You know your body better than anyone, so you must play an active role in your recovery. Dr. Atwater, alongside our team of orthopedic injury specialists, focuses on getting to know you so we can create a comprehensive, individualized care plan that meets your challenges, schedule, and personal goals.

Our goal is to get you into the office (or see you in the hospital) as soon as possible to find the source of your pain and start working towards a treatment plan to get you back to normality quickly and safely.  When you visit us, our orthopedic specialists will

  • ask you lots of questions about your accident or injury to learn about the impact on your body
  • conduct a thorough physical examination
  • order all the necessary diagnostic tests
  • communicate findings and options with you and the rest of your care team
physical exam after injury
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Your Care Plan

Accidents are stressful. Our orthopedic injury specialists approach every patient with compassion and professionalism. At OSA, we practice integrative care that gives you the flexibility to develop a complementary care plan with holistic options.

Your plan may include traditional medical practices, such as surgeries or medicine. However, we encourage patients to include exercise, massages, joint mobilization techniques, and treatments that focus on movement, flexibility, and good health.

In-House Imaging & Treatments

There’s no skipping around town and waiting to get diagnostic tests.  In the office, we can perform an MRI, X-Ray, or a digital EMG study at your visit. We can perform some procedures in the office, but others require a hospital setting.

ankle injury

Injury Types Treated by Orthopedic Injury Specialists

car accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury accident in the U.S. Injuries can take days or even weeks to show up.  Accident injuries left untreated can cause long-term damage.  Get yourself checked out as soon as you can, even if you’re not feeling pain and have no obvious injuries.  It’s good to document the accident in case something comes up later.

work accidents

Work Accidents

Typically, injuries at work are either from unsafe behavior, like lifting heavy materials with incorrect techniques or from unsafe conditions like improper attire or poor building upkeep. Some common work accidents include falling from high structures, becoming trapped by an object, and lifting large items.

boating accidents

Boating Accidents

Most boating accidents occur when your boat hits another boat, a wave, or a hard object like a rock. Several kinds of injuries can happen here including broken bones, soft tissue injuries, and even dismemberment.  Be sure to get checked out even if you don’t see any obvious injuries or don’t feel immediate pain.

pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Approximately 70,000 pedestrian injuries are the result of being hit by a car. These accidents can occur when the driver or pedestrian does not pay attention, or when a property owner doesn’t take care of a walkway. Injuries in pedestrian accidents vary and can take time to develop, so be sure to seek attention immediately to avoid long-term issues.

slip and fall accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners and renters are required to keep the walkways safe and free of hazards. They also must demonstrate reasonable care of their property. Falls are the leading cause of injury in the state of Florida. While symptoms are usually acute, some others may take time to develop. Get checked out after the fall to save yourself years of pain down the road.

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Common Orthopedic Injuries Treated at OSA

Most injuries from accidents show up in your joints, muscles, or bones. Many types of injuries harm your spinal cord. These problems affect other parts of your health as well, and they can worsen over time.

We usually see the following problems in accident injury patients:

  • Fractures
  • Soft tissue injuries such as tendon or ligament tears or damage to the muscles and connective tissue
  • Sprains and strains
  • Neck and back injuries like disc damage and whiplash

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