Choose one of the following Orthopedic Specialties to learn more about conditions and common procedures for this part of the body.

Have you been injured? Do you suffer from a chronic pain condition?

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At OSA, we wholeheartedly support empowerment. We believe in every patient that walks through our doors, and we do everything we can to make sure he or she has what they need not only to reach maximum medical improvement, but return to normal. Our surgeons are board-certified, fellowship-trained experts with a certified and experienced support staff.

Dr. Atwater can help you get back to yourself. While his focus is mainly on the back and neck, he is a well-rounded orthopedic specialist with skill-sets and experience in all specialties.

Our orthopedic specialties are general categories, but all treatment plans are specifically tailored to each patient; therefore, if you have a problem with both your ankle and your neck, Dr. Atwater can create a special plan just for you.