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Studies have shown that seeking medical help quickly after your accident reduces long-term damage. Prioritize your body and schedule an appointment with a personal injury doctor at OSA today.

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At OSA – Vero Beach, we believe that patients should have control over their recovery. As a result, our accident injury doctor and medical professionals focus on getting to know you. As an OSA patient, you will receive comprehensive, individualized care that meets your challenges, schedule, and personal goals.

Accidents are stressful. Our team approaches every patient with compassion and professionalism. OSA practices integrative care that gives you the flexibility to develop a complementary care plan with holistic measures. Your plan may include traditional medical practices, such as surgeries or medicine. However, we encourage patients to include movements, massages, joint mobilization techniques, and treatments that focus on movement, flexibility, and good health.

accident injury doctor in Vero Beach

Common Accident Injuries

Most injuries from accidents show up in your joints, muscles, or bones. Many harm your spinal cord. These problems affect other parts of your health, and they can worsen over time. Because of this, no injury should be ignored. Injury patients often experience:

  • Whiplash
  • Generalized back or neck pain
  • Sciatica
  • Broken bones
  • Ligament damage, such as a torn ACL
  • Nerve damage

The most common accident condition an injury doctor sees is whiplash. It happens when your neck jerks back and forth quickly and violently. Your spine bends past its normal range of motion. This can injure the vertebrae of your cervical spine. It can damage the supporting ligaments and muscles in your neck.

Types of Injuries:

car accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury accident in the U.S. These accidents often occur because somebody wasn’t following the rules of the road. If untreated, car accidents can cause long-term damage.

work accidents

Work Accidents

Typically, people are injured at work from unsafe behavior, such as lifting heavy materials, or from unsafe conditions, like improper attire. Some common work accidents include falling from high structures, becoming trapped by an object, and lifting large items.

boating accidents

Boating Accidents

Most boating accidents occur when your boat hits another boat, a wave, or a hard object like a rock. To receive compensation for your injury, you must show that the accident was caused because the driver failed to take reasonable care.

pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Approximately 70,000 pedestrians were injured after being hit by a car in 2015. These accidents can occur when the driver or pedestrian does not pay attention, or when a property owner doesn’t take care of a walkway.

slip and fall accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners and renters are required to keep the walkways safe and free of hazards. They also must demonstrate reasonable care of their property, including addressing water leaks and damaged appliances in a reasonable amount of time.

animal bites

Animal Bites

Most pet owners are financially responsible for bites or injuries caused by their pet. In Florida, dog owners are liable only if their dog bites a person and if that person is in a public place or in a private place legally.

What to Expect After an Injury:

Steps to take after the accident.

  1. medical expenses

    Seek medical care. A personal injury claim can, and will, wait. However, your body might not. Even if you don’t believe you have been injured, it is important to see an accident injury doctor to help prevent long-term injuries from developing.

  2. Instruct the other party involved to speak with your insurance company or attorney. Don’t discuss the accident with the other party or insurance agency. Your personal insurance agency or attorney will know the best course of action for communications.
  3. Consider hiring an attorney. Call an attorney to discuss your situation. Most personal injury lawyers do not charge for a consultation. Remember, most accident cases do not turn into lawsuits. Instead, your attorney will be able to professionally assess your situation and advocate for you with an insurance company.

Who is responsible for payment?

This depends on the type of personal injury and who was at fault. At times, this will be very clear. For example, a drunk driver who isn’t following the rules of the road will be at fault. However, speak with your insurance agent or attorney in situations that are less black-and-white.

Florida’s Personal Injury Protection pays for most medical care you need after car accidents, regardless of who was at fault. The following are eligible for coverage under PIP:

  • Medical Services and Medication
  • Surgical Services and Hospital Expenses
  • Rehab Costs
  • Diagnostic Services
  • Ambulances

As always, speak to your attorney and insurance company to further discuss the problem.

Keep your medical records.

Keep your medical records to maximize your case settlement. Showing your diagnosis, treatment plan, and the dates for both will help you resolve your case fairly.

Our accident doctor specializes in personal, work, and sports related injuries.  He prioritizes treating you professionally. This means we offer effective treatments, and we keep diligent records.