Back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting an estimated 31 million Americans at any time. Some reports suggest roughly 80 percent of adults have experienced relentless symptoms.

Unfortunately, many people living with back pain never find the root cause, often relying on over-the-counter pain medications for temporary relief. This is just one of the reasons why there is an opioid epidemic in the United States right now.

But what if we told you there were numerous natural treatments that are extremely effective?

In recent years, holistic medicine has been getting the attention it deserves by Western cultures. Rather than turning to pain medications that simply mask the symptoms of back pain, natural treatments focus on structural problems in the back, which are often the culprit. Depending on the type of back pain you are suffering, your age, and past medical history, the natural treatments we are going to discuss today may offer some relief for mild to moderate back pain.

The Holistic Approach to Treating Back Pain

It has become clear that many back pain sufferers receive unnecessary treatment, are prescribed painkillers, and told that rest is the answer. But according to research, staying active and taking a holistic approach to treating back pain symptoms is far more effective.

Many of the natural treatments below are affordable and easy to do at home.

  • Acupuncture – A longstanding form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture treats back pain by unblocking energy from the meridians within the body. Acupuncture needles are inserted along specific pathways depending on where the source of pain is, releasing neurochemicals and sending signals to the sympathetic nervous system.
  • Adopt an anti-inflammatory diet – Many in holistic medicine believe the foods we eat have more of an impact on our health than previously thought. It is often found that back pain is caused by inflammation, which is how the body protects itself. Try incorporating anti-inflammatory foods (fatty fish, dark green, leafy vegetables, nuts, etc) and see if you notice a difference.
  • Practice yoga – Yoga for back pain is a very effective natural solution. Classes often focus on strengthening the core (the muscles in the abs and back), which can help relieve symptoms of pain.
  • Make sure you are getting enough calcium – Calcium is important for bone health and it can also help relieve back pain caused by certain conditions, such as osteoporosis.
  • Visit the chiropractor – Many back pain sufferers have found relief through regular chiropractic adjustments, a popular natural treatment for many ailments.
  • Take anti-inflammatory herbs – Turmeric, curcumin, bromelain, magnesium, and CBD are just some of the best anti-inflammatory supplements you can find.

How Effective Are These Natural Treatments?

The effectiveness of these natural treatments for back pain will depend on a host of factors that are unique to each individual. While they do not provide a ‘quick fix’ like painkillers might, they are actually addressing the problem and can provide long-term, permanent relief.

The key with natural treatments like those mentioned above is consistency. You will not see results overnight, but if you change your diet, perform strengthening exercises, take anti-inflammatory herbs, or any of the other natural treatments mentioned, there’s a good chance your pain will start to diminish.

If you are interested in learning more about the holistic approach to back pain, please contact Dr. Atwater at Ortho Spine America and schedule an appointment. Our team is here to answer any questions you may have and help you find relief.


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