Halloween is officially here, which means it’s time to embrace your spooky side and get in the mood for some ghoulishly scary hospital stories. Last week we looked at our top five hospital ghost stories, but there were so many to choose from, we thought we’d tell you about some of our other favorites. Whether you are a fan of Halloween or not, it’s still nice to curl up by the fire with a cup of warm cider, recounting the eeriest stories you’ve ever heard.

Let’s face it; hospitals can be a scary place – let alone if they are haunted. Yep, you read that right. There is nothing scarier than a haunted hospital. The following scary hospital stories include tales of the dead returning, unexplained hand-prints, and the spirit that wouldn’t go away.

So, turn off the lights and get ready for some of the spookiest, creepiest, and most shocking hospital ghost stories you’ve ever heard:

The Spirit That Wouldn’t Leave

This story comes from a nurse who witnessed the passing of a chronically ill patient at 8 pm one evening. As the patient passed to the other side, he gave her a look she later described as, “how could you let me die!” The family came and left that night, and the funeral home did the same. At around 10 pm, the patient’s call button started going off every few minutes. After several hours of this eeriness taking place, another nurse walked into the now-empty room and boldly told the man’s spirit: “Mr. X, you have died. You can’t be in here bothering us anymore. Move along. In the name of Jesus, I’m exorcising you from this plane of existence. Go to the light and be happy!” Thankfully, it worked, and the call button issue was no longer a problem.


This scary hospital story was recounted from a former nurse’s son whose coworker was cleaning a floor, moving in between rooms as she went. After she came back to a room she had already cleaned, she noticed there were hand-prints on the sparkling clean bed. Not sure what to think about it, she cleaned the room once again, only to have the hand-print show back up the next time she checked!

Phantom Knocking

One night, a hospital worker who spent most of their time in the morgue thought they heard knocking coming from inside one of the freezer drawers. Thinking they must be hearing things, the morgue worker went back about their business. That is until the pathologist working alongside him looked up with terror in his eyes asking, “You hear that? You never open the door when they’re knocking. Never.”

When Ghosts Are the Norm

We’ve heard our fair share of ghost stories and scary hospital stories, but when ghosts become “the norm,” you have our attention. According to one hospice worker, ghosts of past patients often make an appearance, opening and closing doors throughout the night. The worker once offered to help someone, soon realizing there was no one there. Albeit a “freaky” experience, the nurse claims, “most of them are nice, just lost.”

The Ominous Cat

We all know that seeing a black cat on Halloween is considered bad luck, but this story is sure to send shivers down your spine. An ICU nurse was working a few nights in a row when four different patients in the unit reported seeing a cat roaming the hallways. According to the patients, the cat was hissing at them and was quite the unfriendly little fellow. While the staff searched the hospital high and low, they found no sign of the cat. The next day, two of those patients died.

If these scary hospital stories don’t get you in the mood for Halloween, we don’t know what will! We hope you all have a safe and holiday free of any hair-raising encounters. Be careful out there, whether you are trick-or-treating or hanging back with a scary movie.

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