Taking care of yourself is no simple task. We are complex beings. But, being self-aware of the need to pay attention to the little changes or occurrences in your body is the first step. For pain relief, in particular, we prescribe the following tips to help with self-care awareness:

Stress Management Is Essential

Did you know that in the dictionary it says that self-care is particularly important in times of stress? (1)  In fact, during September, we should all pause and celebrate Self-Care Awareness month by deliberately taking a moment to go above and beyond our daily routines.

Yes, we feed, clothe and clean ourselves as part of self-care, but do we attend to the little pains and aches that creep in? The need for pain relief, even for as simple as a nagging back ache, should be a sign that stress has taken its toll.

Stress can come in multiple forms: mental, physical and emotional. The physical pain is often treated with supplementation, lifestyle changes, medication, or physical therapy. The mental and emotional pain, however, requires going to the next level and incorporating things like physical activity, good posture, and meditation into your day.

Self Care Means Being Active

If you are not active, you are not doing yourself justice. Time will tick by, and you will find that taking care of yourself becomes more difficult. Pain relief will take a front seat, and you will spend more time managing that pain rather than enjoying your life. Don’t let age or repetitive behaviors be the culprit for a stressed-out body! Take care of yourself now, and you won’t have to double the efforts to get back to good health later.

Some simple ideas for being active include:

  • Taking brisk walks, like with your dog
  • Swimming laps or walking the pool
  • Joining an exercise class on the floor or in the water
  • Choosing to walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator
  • Parking further from work or the store every time
  • Lifting weights at the gym using machines

Meditation Is Just One Of Many Proven Remedies

You’ve heard it touted that, in addition to leading an active lifestyle, focused breathing and visualization through meditation is a healthy habit to develop. Imagine the benefits of taking a few minutes to simply disconnect from all the electronics and communication devices we have in our lives.

We encourage this remedy most of all because it helps you tune into your body and remain self-aware. It is a deterrent to the need for pain relief because you’ll catch little nuances in your mind and body before they get out of hand.

There are many other ways to promote self-care outside of meditation, such as:

  • Playing with your pet(s)
  • Taking up a hobby
  • Spending time in nature
  • Getting a massage or manicure

Be Your Own Pain Relief Advocate

September is also Pain Awareness month. (2) This coincides with self-care well because as you begin to become more self-aware, you learn to identify the areas where you need to address changes in your body more easily. You can avoid making chronic pain worse by knowing what activities promote a pain-free life. These include the habits mentioned above and more.

Most importantly, we at OSA want you to know why we encourage self-care awareness. We want you to be your own Pain Relief Advocate. This makes you an equal partner in your care and empowers you to take care of yourself for the duration of your life.



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(2) https://www.theacpa.org/pain-awareness/september-is-pain-awareness-month/

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